The Pertinent Physiognomy of Azm Media Group

Azm Media Group needs no introduction to the world of journalism, which, in the field of Print Media, is rendering unprecedented services for the past forty two years.

The animous of Azm Media Group, Rehmat Ali Raazi, who is also the founder chairman of the Group, has a very rare and uncommon description in the terrain of investigative journalism and column writing. He has set a gleaming paradigm in the genre of journalism by hard drill, arthritic labor and firm occupation.

His career, spanning more than four decades, has earned him a stature that his name has now become synonymous to originality, incisive insight and intellectual honesty.

Born in Bahawalpur Mr. RAAZI got his education in Bahawalpur before starting his journalistic career in 1974-82 with the Daily “WAFAQ” as a Staff Reporter.

In 1978, he was elected unopposed member of the Executive Council of the Punjab Union of Journalists and eventually became its Joint Secretary in 1979. In 1981 he was elected a Member of the Executive Council of P.F.U.J. He got training as a “DEFENCE CORRESPONDENT” with the I.S.P.R. in 1988 and joined the mammoth army exercise “ZARB-E-MOMIN” in 1989 where he stayed with various Army Units and was awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation by the C.O.A.S. for the best reporting of the Exercise. He joined Daily “Nawa-i-Waqt” as a Feature Writer and Interviewer and remained Senior Staff Reporter from 1984 to March, 1994. He then joined Daily “Jang” Lahore, in March 1994 as Chief Special Correspondent where he was entrusted with still higher responsibilities as he was promoted to ‘Editor Grade’ in March 1997 and was designated as “EDITOR (Investigation)’ in JANG GROUP OF NEWSPAPERS.” His Column “DAROON-E-PARDA” in the daily “Jang” got attention of all and sundry across all sections of society. That’s now bedecking the pages of “DAILY EXPRESS”, “DAILY TAQAT” and Weekly “AZM”. He is one of those columnists in the country whose columns are equally appreciated by the politicians, civil and military bureaucracy as well as by the international spheres.

Mr. RAAZI has won SEVEN prestigious “APNS AWARDS” for the best investigative reporting during the period from 1987 to 1996 and bent an unrivaled record in the history of Journalism. He has also been conferred upon PRESIDENT’S AWARD FOR PRIDE OF PERFORMANCE on 23rd March, 2000 in recognition of his extra ordinary services rendered in the field of Journalism.

Mr. RAAZI is the Group Chairman of “AZM MEDIA GROUP” and also the Editor-in-Chief and Printer of the publications of the Group. In a very short span of time Azm Media Group is successfully publishing daily “TAQAT” ( from all eleven major cities of Pakistan i.e., Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Muzaffarabad, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Gujranwala & Sialkot, a current affairs magazine Weekly “AZM”(, an internationally acclaimed newspaper “TAQAT INTERNATIONAL” ( and daily “Business World” ( from Lahore. Specifically a business oriented weekly “Economic World” ( is also being published under the banner of AZM MEDIA GROUP. Daily “TAQAT”, Daily “Business World”, Weekly “AZM”, Weekly “Economic World” and Weekly “TAQAT INTERNATIONAL” are delighting in cachet of being Members of APNS, CPNE as well as of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) for good many years as usual.

Mr. REHMAT ALI RAAZI owes a distinction of being a member of Executive Committee of “All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS)” and a member of the Standing Committee of “Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors’ (CPNE)” since years. He had been Joint Secretary All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) for the year, 2015-16 and this time he has been elected as a Vice President (Punjab) “Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors (CPNE)” for the year, 2016-17. Under the aegis of this high intellect, The Azm Media Group is publishing its Dailies and Weeklies without any doldrums and intervals. The Weekly Azm, which is brewing new records of unceasing circulation, has the acumen of Azm Media Group’s “Mother Publication” whose hypochondrium the other publications of Azm Media Group have been breeded from.

Azm Media Group also has this pat on the back with it that circulating from eleven major cities its international Newspaper the Daily Taqat is issuing an Internet Edition daily so that the readers of Daily Taqat shouldn’t be unquenched of their favorite editorials, columns, analysis and news pure of sensation. Its daily bytes are in millions.

Weekly Azm is published in four color, for which the Advertisement Agencies pay special heed to it. This current affairs based informational journal consists of 64 pages and the classifieds bargaining space in it are spotlighted occasionally on glazing papers. Weekly Azm is also availing gravy out of the casserole of preeminent news reporters, columnists and other kind of writers who are engaged with Daily Taqat and are asset of Azm Media Group. The readers fond of literature, Philosophy, religion, science, technology, medical, culture, sports, humor, astrology, cartoons, proverbs and nursery readings anxiously wait for the copy of “AZM”. Azm’s arduous, strenuous and onerous team is, under the navigation of their Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, endeavoring for innovation and permutation for every week to come. Azm Media’s eminently knowledgeable and competent correspondents are not only stationed in Pakistan but also where abouting in Dubai, Muscat, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Sydney, Venus, Toronto, Jeddah, Landon, New York and Frankfurt etc., whose alacrities are the centre of interests of Azm Media Group’s doll face readers.

Keeping in view the swiftly changing rundown, Mr. Rehmat Ali Raazi is bound with this impulsion to establish a lucrative web channel under the parasol of Azm Media Group. He intends to spread its network in and out land with same valor and zeal, and he is all set for this stride and footstep in the near future. In like manner this prearrangement is as well in pipeline that Azm Media Group is about to launch a private TV channel rooted in all the four provinces, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir with the head office at jail road Lahore, where Azm Media Group’s owned Daily Taqat, Daily Business World and other three weekly journals are getting published. Azm Media Group, by the Grace of Divine, has no dearth of even skilled staff nor of official space. The elemental news material and requisite apropos is reflective of the principal underpinning of our likely TV.

Azm Media Group’s aphorism and battle cry of journalistic objective is Service of Islam, Protection of the theory of Pakistan, Stability of democracy in the light of maxims of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, Appreciation of audacious armed forces of Pakistan and inexorably the sustainability of the legend of democracy. These are the staunched interpretations, on which Rehmat Ali Raazi has never compromised throughout his carrier.

Azm Media Group and its whole publications are well obliged members of all journalist associations approved by the Government of Pakistan and whenever any national or international conference is held on behalf of APNS or CPNE, Mr. Rehmat Ali Raazi is invited as a deferential member.

Azm Media Group is taking its journey forward with high ambitions as per the need of the hour and we are up with humble hands in the court of “Allah Tabaarak Wa Ta’aala” that Azm Media Group’s vanguard host may not fall prey to any misstep or blooper and may it pace forth ever on the aisle of journalism by the charm of heaven.

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