Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics (For Reporters & Editors)

This is to make clear to the individuals and editors associated with the “Azm Media Group” that they will uphold the code of ethics from every aspect.

If necessary, we may accommodate any complaint from our members.

It is of the utmost importance that the editors must not compromise upon the highest standards of journalism department and will do everything possible to protect the rights to information and the individual rights.

Along with, it is necessary for publishers and editors that they must put this code of ethics equally on print and online both sources and not only the editorial staff but the persons out of that circle also should abide by this code of conduct. It is strictly prohibited to publish the perverted material. If any error or omission comes in notice unnoticed then explanation, rectification, or apologies or to be published in no time. In case of any affected parties contempt of esteem if the press stands as a party, the impartial stand should be taken in correction of the relevant material and any follow up should be avoided till any mutual understanding comes forward.

It is essential for the editors that they should care for privacy policy by all means and without permission abstain from interrupting into the privacy of any individual. Clicking a snap of any man or woman on private places is also against the human ethics. Private places means the places which are not in personal use of any individual or company whereas the public places means the places where masses of the city do gather but they care for the privacy of every second person either. Supposed if any citizen avoid or stop to be snapped or to be questioned then real journalist must remember that their duty is not to pressurize or threaten the citizen. If any citizen stops the journalist to stay on the citizen’s house or shop or any other place possessed by him, the journalist must realize to kiss the shadow away. It is a must thing for the editors to make necessary for their subordinates to not to produce or publish any material which is controversial or unacceptable for code of ethics.

The journalistic code of conduct makes it indispensable for reporter or a journalist that they should prefer to make news or a short of such a person who is stricken in pain and he or she has the idea of sensitivity of the matter, such like during the reporting of suicide incident the unnecessary and additional elaborations are annexed with the real news. The children below the age of 15 years should not be interviewed keeping in the view of the extents of puberty and neither the pictures of those children should be taken whose parents or not present on the spot or least recorded permission should be taken from their teachers. If any child comes across a sexual assault or he is the eye witness of any incident then his or her identity ought not to be shown only for the reason he or she is below the age of 15. In reporting this precaution also be kept in mind that the connection between victim and the child should not be exposed. It applies as well on journalists that before going to the places like hospital and other private places that they should not disclose their identity and they must take permission from a responsible individual of any institution, take care of the privacy of any government servant or patients of hospital while gathering the information while reporting of crime news criminals’ close relatives’, friends’ and acquaintances’ identity should be kept in secrecy. If   child is involved in any crime as a victim or witness they must be taken as a special case and in case of litigation partisan view point should be avoided. It is duty of press man that while secret reporting they must be away from clandestine instruments, spywares, secret cameras, recording of personal phones, emails, messages, pictures or documents etc should not be brought in use without any permission of concerned ones or collection of information via internet must not be published as well.

People of every religion, cast and creed live in the society of Pakistan so making target any male or female belonging to any religion, color or race or province, or hit anyone prejudicially on the basis of physical or mental disorders is not legally or ethically right. Pakistan, as per the constitution of the land, is an Islamic democratic state but the constitution of the state also guarantees for rights of minorities, therefore as a human every citizen of Pakistan has a right to work or live on any place. It is not necessary that while reporting the gender, religion and cast or creed of any one should be disclosed.

It is the moral responsibility of every journalist, affiliated with “Azm Media Group”, to protect the secret sources of information and not disclose the identity of information provider in any circumstances.

“Azm Media Group” would strive for the expansion of informational matter in every possible environment and will bring the law of access to information to the access of masses.

“Azm Media Group” would lift the curtain from upon the series and graved issues of the country and unveil the every crime prevailing in the country.

“Azm Media Group” will make the freedom of expression a part of public interest.

“Azm Media Group” will give problems of children priority upon the public interest.

“Azm Media Group” will protect the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan, care for public health, be stick to the state policies, raise the pen for the self esteem of armed forces and make the prosperity of Pakistan the motto of its journalism.

“Azm Media Group” will make safe the people of Pakistan from being going astray by its reporting or journalistic sources.

“Azm Media Group” has determination that whatsoever it publishes would be for the betterment of people of state of Pakistan.

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